Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question 1. What are the information available on the PSARA Website?
  • Answer. The website provides the following information:-
  1.      (1) PSAR Act, 2005 and Model Rules notified by the Central Government.
  2.      (2) Rules notified by the States/UTs.
  3.      (3) Contact details of Controlling Authorities in State/UTs.
  4.      (4) Licensed Private Security Agencies.
  5.      (5) Registered private security training institutes.
  6.      (6) CAPF Punarvaas: Private Security Agencies can access the details of the ex- personal of CAPFs and Assam Rifles for providing re-employment in security agencies.
  7.      (7) Grievance Redressal mechanism.
  • Question 2. How the private security agencies are benefitted by this website?
  • Answer.The Private Security Agencies can electronically apply for online issue/renewal of PSARA licence by creating agency login credentials.
  • Question 3. How the Controlling Authorities are benefitted by this website?
  • Answer. The Central Government has facilitated the Controlling Authorities by developing the Private Security Agency Licensing Portal for online processing of PSARA licence applications after creating State login credentials..
  • Question 4. Who can apply for PSARA licence?
  • Answer. Any citizen/ Partnership/firm/ company intending to do the business of providing private security services can apply for PSARA licence.
  • Question 5. Whether the PSARA licence is issued State wise?
  • Answer. Yes, licence can be obtained for a district or a number of districts or the whole State.
  • Question 6. How much is the licence fee?
  • Answer.Licence fee depends upon the area of operation of private security agency business. As per the PSAR Act, 2005, licence fee is as below:
  1.      (1) For one district - 5000/-
  2.      (2) For two to five district - 10000/-
  3.      (3) For whole State - 25000/-
  • Question 7.What is the validity of licence?
  • Answer . lice nce is valid for 5 years.
  • Question 8. What is time limit for applying renewal of licence?
  • Answer. Renewal of licence should be applied to the Controlling Authority not less than 45 days before the date of expiry of existing licence.
  • Question 9. What is the basic criteria of issuing licence?
  • Answer.Licence is issued by the Controlling Authority after verifying the antecedents of the applicants and/or after making such inquiries as considered necessary by the Controlling Authority.
  • Question 10. What are the precautions to be taken while applying online PSARA licence?
  • Answer.(1) The online application should be filed carefully without any error in the name and address of private security agency.
  1.      (2) All documents to be uploaded should be scanned in the required format (. pdf, . jpeg etc.) and size as mentioned in the portal.
  2.      (3) All mandatory fields marked with (*) must be filled appropriately.
  3.      (4) Applicable licence fee must be paid electronically either through net banking/debit card/ credit card etc.
  4.      (5) Final submission of an application should be after ensuring its completion, uploading all necessary documents and payment of applicable licence fee.